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My name is Sue Hevey, owner/operator of Clay Mates Ceramics.
I am a certified instructor with 38 years of experience in ceramics.

I started taking ceramic classes in 1976 and I
began teaching a few close friends in the basement studio of my
home in 1983. Upon receiving my ceramics certification and winning
best of show in the Pioneer Valley Ceramics Association competition,
owning my own studio became my aspiration and my dream!

I pursued this dream by opening Clay Mates Ceramic Studio in October of 1994.
At the time my studio was primarily dedicated to adult education but I subsequently
realized that everyone could enjoy and benefit from this activity.
So I contacted all the local school systems, senior citizens council,
scouts, physically/mentally challenged organizations.

The response I got was overwhelming support from the community.
These organizations began utilizing my services in order to enrich
their lives and my business soon grew allowing me to provide leisure activities for all!

My studio has since become a meeting place for the community.
A place to visit, make friends and experience the enjoyment and
satisfaction that comes with expressing creativity.

I am currently accepting new students and hope you'll stop in to look around!

At Clay Mates, you learn hands-on the many techniques now available
to create the look you want. Antiquing, glazing, dry-brushing and
color washes to name a few. Beautiful finishes that help your projects
take on a mother-of pearl shine, a rustic wooden texture, or a stone-like effect.


Purple Swirl We offer the following services to clients:Purple Swirl

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